Infinity Trader

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Infinity Trader package is the latest package addition to the OneCoin Family, that is fully developed to enhance the experience for dedicated miners, who seek to up their level of mastery in financial trading. With this package, members get full access to all 6 educational levels with all related materials and performance evaluation. However, bound to reinforce and stimulate members, the Infinity package takes the trading and mining experience a step further by offering two options for activation, each directly related to an exclusive split strategy. This package is designed for people who strive for excellence.


Course Information

Introduction to Finance

Risk and Stock Market

Technical analysis of financial markets

Forex and Econometric Analysis

Risk Management and Advanced Analysis

Behavioral Finance I

Behavioral Finance II


Price & Mining Information

Price: 27 500.00 EUR

Promo tokens: 300 000 TKN

Splits: 3



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