The pricing tables below itemise the many educational entrant packages available (at the creation time of page) to OneLife members.  When looking at them please also note the following:

  • All prices are in euros (€) and often the conversion rate used coinsides with the bank (not Google)
  • Re-entry is permitted.  Meaning, a member is allowed to have multiple accounts.  This is particularly useful for networking strategies
  • All new accounts require an initial €30 one-off activation fee
  • Some countries such as the United Kingdom and Japan require members to first buy a Starter pack.  While on the starter pack members have a 14 day cooling off period where members can effectively return the package.  Once the package is upgraded or the period elapse, then the product is non-refundable.  If you do not know if this applies to you, first register, then put your username and the request in an email to ( before activating your first code


For more info on any of this, please contact us.

Standard Packages

Automining Packages

Combo Packages

For compliance reasons, please also note the following disclaimer:

With their OneAcademy education packages, IMAs receive and earn promotional tokens that provide access to the mining pools.  The promotional tokens do not guarantee you will receive coins, nor do they represent a specific amount of OneCoins that you can mine.