Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to recruit?

Was OneCoin really on Financial IT magazine?

Was OneCoin really on Forbes magazine?

Isnt Network Marketing Illegal?

Isnt OneCoin a ponzi scheme?

I heard OneCoin is being investigated?

The purpose of this page is to attempt to address some of the most common objections and attacks.  We also want to touch on why the company is being attacked.  Whenever possible, information sources are available with the content or as an associated media (i.e. video).  We do not claim that this will answer all of your questions and as we believe in fact based discussions, have only included topics that we believe there is supporting evidence.  In light of this, although our list may continue to grow, we believe there are enough issues addressed, provide a fact sheet.

Do I have to recruit?

No, unlike most Network Marketing organisations, there is no obligation to build a team in OneLife.  It is perfectly normal (in fact, common) to just participate in the education and mining.  Take a look at the example in the video below.No, unlike most Network Marketing organisations, there is no obligation to build a team in OneLife.  It is perfectly normal (in fact, common) to just participate in the education and mining.  Take a look at the example in the video below.

Members' Benefits

In addition, here are a few more things you can benefit from without recruiting a single person:

  • Financial education and downloadable resources
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • E-commerce (online shopping on platform)
  • Trading (comming soon via platform)
  • Options for Future Certificates ( platform)
  • Subscribe to company news letter (email) to be kept up to speed on global events

Creating Wealth by Education

Was OneCoin really on Financial IT Magazine?

Yes, it was a paid advert but the magazine chose to make it front cover.  As well as the video below, one article can be found Here 1st Leadership Summit on Islamic Finance & Cryptocurrency.   Some of the highlights of the article can be found below.

Interview Financial IT on One Coin

First Sharia Compliant Alternative

We can't go into all of these issue in depth here but we encourage you to research anything on the list below.

  • Digital currency cannot be replicated or manipulated by politics or central banks
  • Shariah complaint (interest free)
  • OneCoin said to be " on track to become the world’s largest [cryptocurrency]..."
  • "Cryptocurrency can provide a clean, secure and auditable value of storage and payment that can be fully verified as untainted by the current money supply"

Was OneCoin really on Forbes Magazine cover?

The short answer is, well, 'Yes'.  Many people are not aware that Forbes has a subsidiary brand called Brand Voice.  Watch this video to get a clearer idea of the truth.

We're in good company

Here are some other companies that have appeared on Front of Brand Voice Forbes:

  • Microsoft
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Zurich
  • Toyota
  • Xerox

Clearing up this Forbes Contention

Isn't Network Marketing illegal?

Many people do not know the difference between an illegal pyramid scheme and a legitimate Network Marketing business model.  Not only is Network Marketing (sometimes called Direct Selling) perfectly legal, it is now well known as one of the most effective ways of growing a user base for a product quickly.  Have you heard the saying that "Word of mouth is the best form or marketing" ?  Well this is what is termed 'referral marketing' and is what the Network Marketing industry is based on.  If you take a look at this article, it'll help to dispel a few common myths about the direct selling industry.


Also take a look at this article.  You'll learn that as of 2012, this industry was larger than the video gaming, music and entire film industries combined.

Richard Branson on Network Marketing

Isnt OneCoin a Ponzi Scheme?

OneCoin is simply a blockchain technology.  Most critics that ask this question are typically regergitating what they heard someone else (probably as ignorant) use.  The likelihood is if you asked them, they wouldn't be able to give you an accurate definition of what a Ponzi scheme is and probably don't even know who Charles Ponzi was.  Luckily we do!  Please take a look at the video below to understand why these terms are not applicable.

What sets us apart?

Here are a few reasons why the OneCoin business cannot be a ponzi

  • Commissions for a sale of the education is paid once so residuals cannot be promised. If a team makes frequent new sales, a sustainable busness can be created but regular income cannot be promised for the next reason
  • OneLife has no 'autoship' and no requirement for members to pay a 'monthly subscription' or other type of regular payment
  • The product is Education
  • When OneCoin delivers the education paid for, the company has no future obligation

Tom McMurrain on OneCoin Ponzi Allegations

I heard OneCoin is being investigated?

Yes, OneCoin has been investigated in a few countries but no illegal activity was found.  If you remember we looked at the reasons why a company like this would be under attack.  Well its the same reasons that warrant investigation.  A company in the technology and finance field with an MLM business arm makes a potentially lucrative combination.  Financial authorities would not be doing their job if they turned a blind eye to all that this company has been able to achieve.  Compliance is inbuilt into the technology and an integral part of OneLife's ethos.

A good question would be 'what are the results of these investigations?'

Below, we've put together a collection of published statements, press releases and videos.  If you need to translate any article, we recommend opening the page with google Chrome.

ONELIFE Cleared by Swedish authorities


The Swedish gaming board closes case on OneCoin. The following link takes you to an article with more detail:

Go to Press Release


The Finland NDI decided there was no need to continue their investigation

The official statement can be found here:

Go to Official Statement


A good article on the results of the Poland investigation can be found here:

Go To Official Statement

Finland results are in


You may have heard that Chinese authorities investigated OneCoin and had investors arrested? In this particular case it was simply not true.

Although very revealing, this video has some strong language and so we encourage viewers to take precaution by only playing it if you have a keen interest in the narrative.